Iwalani Kaluhiokalani is a Painter who lives and works in Brookline MA and Martha’s Vineyard. She holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art.

Iwalani’s figurative paintings regard the intersections of sight, touch and movement. They celebrate Dance (an arena once historically dominated by women) and the moving body in its inherent transitory and transformational nature. Couplets, triplets, choirs, panels, and or daisy chains of figures are abstracted down to gestured shapes. They are often cut out, arranged, or painted in intervals suggesting temporal progression and spatial pathways. Her color mixing processes, color combinations, and often repeated compositional arrangements suggest varying weight, and flow in a “magical landscape”. A space where hyper real colors push pull or fade, and figures are also part of the ground. The temperment of the medium itself, drives her compositions on either paper or canvas. Flatness, layering or gestural expressivity merge with carefully chosen and richly mixed colour. They invoke emotion and the sumptuous experience of well crafted textiles. Themes in her work often reference symphonies, poems, modern psychoanalytic theory, and dance choirs of the Weimar Era. A period of time where body culture was celebrated, but later led many of its innovators to flee in defense of their ideas before the outbreak of WW II.

Iwalani is intrigued by the two-dimensional torsion of painting/drawing and the way it invokes kinesthetic movement and tactile sensation in the viewer’s mind. She finds this sort of perception, or organized epiphany, to be a creative springboard. Ideas of re-presenting, re-construction, shaping and repetition often embody her explorations in this emotive Painting and Dance overlap. 

In addition to being a Painter, Iwalani has studied movement, modern dance and performance art. She is founder of Smartbody Movement, a Gyrotonic and Pilates studio in Brookline Village. 

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